Hospital Packing List


This list was compiled by fellow heart moms. I have added a few ideas of my own. I will update it as I think of more items.

For you-

Comfortable clothing: comfy pants and socks, shoes that slip on and off easily

A journal/pen

A bag or purse for your belongings (pumping supplies, cell phone/charger, etc)

Phone charger

Lanyard for parent badge

Treats (You will not want to eat but take your favorite snacks so you do!)


Things to keep you occupied while your child is in surgery (magazine, puzzles, journal)

IBproufen or Tylenol for the uncomfortable after baby pains

Travel size toiletry items that you can keep with you in case you don’t want to leave the hospital

Pump – If you choose to breastfeed you will want your own pump to use when you are not at the hospital

Gifts for the nurses (You come to love these people that take such phenomenal care of your baby)

I took everything I thought I couldn’t live without and didn’t regret it! It was a physically and emotionally uncomfortable time. Make it as comfortable as you can!

For baby-

Baby Leg socks were fun

One outfit to bring the baby home in ( we got carried away and brought tons of clothes….he didn’t get to wear clothes until the day we brought him home at 2 1/2 weeks old.

The obvious stuff: diaper bag, carseat etc. We left the hospital with diapers, medicine & syringes, bottles, and pacifiers. We didn’t need to take any of these things.



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