A Sacred Day- Preface to “Tytan’s Story”


October 20th

David and I attended sacrament meeting today. They hold it right here at the hospital. It was one of the most spiritual church meetings I have ever attended. It is so humbling sitting in a room with people that are going through hard (if not the hardest) trials of their lives. I am so thankful for the people that dedicate their time to serve there. This trial in my life has truly opened my eyes to others and their situations. Little Oliver’s situation doesn’t seem so bad compared to what others here are facing.

There is a sweet little family that has passed our room here a few times. They are pulling their little boy in a wagon. I recognize the mom. She is part of the Facebook heart group I am a member of.

Present day-

This family is the Walker’s. Teisha, this young boys mother, has become some one I really look up to. She doesn’t know this, but her story has touched my heart, and these pictures are forever ingrained into my mind. Teisha kindly agreed to share Tytan’s story here on Oliver’s Twist. Their story is one of great faith, courage, and heartache. Read about it in the following post titled “Tytan’s Story”.

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