A sisters perspective -Written by Abbie Aullman


Labor & Delivery continued:

Sisters on the sideline

My girls and I met Sadie in Logan to spend the day with her, keep her company, and try to keep her mind off the delivery that would soon happen. We met with our aunt and cousin and the conversation was positive and hopeful of the outcome. When would Ollie come? How severe would his situation be? Would Sadie and David get time with him? How soon would surgery be?


An induction was planned and Oliver agreed that it was time to come. One week early, we left our two girls at the in-laws and headed off to the U of U. We were getting occasional texts about the progress but wanted more and more information. This was my baby sister who was giving birth for the first time and on top of that, delivering a chid with so many unknowns. It was a lot better once we got to the family waiting room at the U of U. David’s parents, our parents, and the three sisters and spouses were all there awaiting the arrival of one special baby. In the back of my mind, I knew that I needed to be there in case this was my only chance to see Oliver alive. I also knew that even if I couldn’t do anything, I wanted my sister to know I was there and wanted to support her in any way possible. I was in my last trimester of pregnancy myself and our oldest sister had delivered a baby boy just a few months before Ollie. I thought, “how will I face Sadie if she doesn’t leave the hospital with this baby?”

Word came to the waiting room that it was time to push. Not long after, we got the news that he was here!!! Pictures and ohhhs and ahhhs were exchanged. After some time, family was allowed in the room. I was so proud of Sadie and at the same time angry. This moment between her and David and their new baby was robbed. By the time we were able to see them, Oliver had already been taken to be prepped for the surgeries that would soon happen. We talked about how the labor and delivery has been and made small talk, but the uncertainty of the situation hung in the air.

We were told that they would be given a few moments with Oliver before he was transported to Primary Children’s. When I met Ollie for the first time, I knew that he was special. He had bright eyes and perfect pinkish skin. I could not believe that his heart had anything wrong with it– he looked too healthy. The men in the room were able to bless Oliver’s little body at that time and a great deal of comfort followed. The future was still uncertain but one truth that was evident was that this little boy was ready to fight.

The last moment before transport was unreal. Sadie and David stood around their baby boy and he looked at them right in the face–alert and aware– and let them know that he was ready to go into battle, he was ready for the fight of his life.

There I stood totally helpless but in that same blessing, I understood that Oliver was given to these parents because they had been blessed with the things they would need to endure the coming months together.



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